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Our research group is split across two sites, the University of Cambridge and the
Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES Ltd).

 Group members are involved in SynTech CDT and iDMT.

Professor Alexei Lapkin

Centre Management     |     Visiting Scientists     |     Post-docs     |     PhD Students

Michele Assante SRE.jpg

Dr Michele Assante

PhD Liverpool John Moores University

Employee of AstraZeneca

Machine learning in chemical development

S Soritz_sm.jpg

Dr Sebastian Soritz

PhD Graz University of Technology

Employee of Astex Pharmaceuticals

Machine learning in chemical development


Dr Nicholas Jose

PhD University of Cambridge

Conti synthesis of nanoparticles


Dr Zhen Guo

Wuhan University, PhD ​NTU Singapore;
Based @ CARES Ltd

Networks in Chemistry


Dr Zhimian Hao

PhD Cambridge; Tianjin University (BSc); TU Delft (MSc) ​

Process Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation

Dr Jiyizhe Zhang

PhD Tsinghua ​

Process Modelling & Simulation; Digital Twins


Dr Mikhail Kovalev

PhD Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Based @ CARES Ltd

Materials and catalysis

Dr Dogancan Karan

Dr Dogancan Karan

Based @ CARES Ltd

Process Development; Flow Chemistry


Dr Shuyuan ZHANG

PhD Tsinghua University​
Based @ CARES Ltd

Digital Twins in Pharma


Aniket Chitre

MEng Imperial College London


ML in the development of formulated products


Devi Sietaram

MPhil Cambridge

ML in the manufacture of large molecule therapeutics


Adarsh Arun

National University Singapore;
MPhil Cambridge​

Networks in Chemistry

PhD Students

Sabine Hallamasek

MEng Cambridge 

Sustainability; Life Cycle Assessment

Kevin Ballu

BSc in Chemistry, Université de Bordeaux, MSc in Food Sciences, Université de Rennes and Université de Nantes, MSc in Material Chemistry specialising in soft matter, Université de Bordeaux

Formation of crystalline nanocellulose

MY Zhou.jpeg

Michael Zhou

Imperial College London

ML for reaction development


Zheng Jie Lieu

National University of Singapore

ML for Polymer Development


Anna Katsarou

University of Patras;

Imperial College London

ML for Process Synthesis


Nathan Harmer

Durham University

ML for catalysts design

Julia Stachyra

University of Cambridge (MPhil)

Data science for sustainable chemistry

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